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About Luckeys Woodsman

Luckey’s Woodsman Off-Grid Provisions is a new style of food service dedicated to the great outdoors. We believe we can elevate any experience with our services as well as incentivize you to enjoy nature more often. We do this by providing easy to pick up meals, food programs for outfitters who provide guided services, Off-Grid Catering (which include weddings to sports event, to picnics along your route), sporadic fine dining pop up events in off-grid locations, food truck operations, and future opportunities with organic dehydrated food and campground foodservice programs. You see we are on a mission to help you get out of dodge faster, eat better, save time, skip clean up and ultimately spend more time enjoying what you love doing and make chasing your next adventure that much simpler.

Unlike other entities in our field we dare to bridge the divide between outdoor recreation and professional food service. We believe in preserving public lands and waterways and will donate 1% of every meal sold to various conservation groups. We pride ourselves on being a professional entity that provides an immersive experience for our guests, providing education of culinary techniques and environmental stewardship. In short, this business is an investment into outdoor recreation services that can help you spend more time doing what you love in nature by spending less time prepping and cleaning up your meals.