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Adult Survival Immersion Program

Nighthawk Naturalist School


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10 months, 1 weekend per month, September-June! Visit the web link to learn more and enroll!

Are you interested in diving into skill-based naturalist knowledge? Curious about wilderness survival skills? Ever wanted to know how to start a fire with just sticks and are you just as curious about the trees from which the sticks came?

This course touches on a variety of survival and natural history topics, including plant and animal identification, herbal medicine, survival shelters, friction fire, water purification, foraging and edible plants, stone and bone tool making, wildlife tracking, outdoor leadership and safety and more. The course will culminate in a 3-day survival trip, where participants will use all the knowledge and skills they’ve gained throughout the year.

This is a 10-month class for adults that meets one weekend a month. It is perfect for folks who want to learn more and get their hands dirty, but also have a busy schedule. Most classes will be Saturday and Sunday, 9am-6pm. A handful of classes will be weekend overnights. A few of those will be Friday-Sunday overnights.

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