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Denim Ginger Bed

Ginger Beds

$139 (Junior), $189 (Momma), $239 (Big Poppa)*

*Shipping and Taxes may be added during checkout

Who doesn’t love a great pair of blue jeans! We love them so much that we decided to make a dog bed out of Denim. We use an unwashed indigo Denim so over time with washing, your pup’s dog bed will get that great patina that your favorite pair of jeans do.

Our Denim is a 14 oz weight so it is extremely durable. If your pup has been hard on their past beds, this the best fabric for their new dog bed. It will hold up extremely well should they like to nest or paw at their bed before find the perfect spot to rest their weary head.

Size Information: Our beds come in three different sizes. Our Junior size is approximately 24″ in diameter, our Momma size is approximately 34″ in diameter and our Big Poppa is approximately 45″ in diameter.

You wouldn’t sleep in bed that was hard, lumpy and uncomfortable, so why should your pup? Isn’t it about time that your pup had a dog bed that they loved to hop into for some well-deserved shut eye?

Here at Ginger Beds, we handcraft only the best dog beds right here in Bend for your pup to lounge in. As dog parents ourselves, we create your bed with the same love and care we’d use if we were making it for our pups. Our dog beds are made in donut style (who doesn’t like donuts!) as we have found just about every dog loves to burrow in and snooze within the bolsters.

We source unique and durable fabrics not found on most mass-produced dog beds. Your days of rushing to hide the dog beds when guests come over, are finished. Our collection design inspired fabrics will complement just about any décor. We use upholstery grade components to ensure our dog beds will hold up to the rigors your pup will throw at it. We all know that plastic bottles are extremely harmful to our world’s environment and oceans. Because of that, we use a fill in our cushions that is made entirely of recycled plastic water bottles. We channel sew the center cushion on our beds to add life and comfort to the cushion. This process creates pockets that keeps the fill in place and dramatically cuts down on the fill migrating to the corners, leaving the center hallow and flat. Nobody likes a stinky dog bed so we’ve made our beds completely washable. All the covers have zippers for easy removal and washing.

We have no doubt that your pup will LOVE their new Ginger Bed and will shower you with affection after their first night sleeping in it!

Please note, at this time we are only able to offer our beds to customers here in Central Oregon. We do not charge for shipping as we offer free delivery on our beds.

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