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L’ Troupe Coloring Book + Sticker Pack Set

Sweet Pea Cole


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L’Troupe loves stickers! This combo of coloring book and stickers is an ideal gift for the creative, quirky soul that you love so very much!

The Book: This talented group of artists and dreamers from around the world is formally known as L’Audacieuse et Magnifique Troupe d’Acrobates (The Daring and Magnificent Troupe of Acrobats). I created the custom illustrations of the quirky characters and their collection of goldfish. Each page features a hand-drawn image of 1 -2 of the troupe members performing sometimes daring, always unique, acrobatic feats. This independently published book includes 22, singled-sided, 8”x10” coloring pages.

The Stickers: Each 4 pack of stickers includes one 3″ x 2.99″ die-cut “Janey Juggles” sticker, one 2.57″ x 3” die-cut “Isabelle in the Hoop” sticker, one 2.46″ x 2.7″ kiss-cut “Henri and his Le Car” sticker, and one 3”x”3” round “L’Troupe’s Fish” sticker. These are thick, durable vinyl die cut stickers that resist scratching, rain, and sunlight.

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