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Medicinal Cacao Truffle Pack – Blue

Mythical Chocolate


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In a world of abundance, why settle? Each box is an orchestration of Mama Gaia’s divine magic, delivering the sustenance our cells crave as we journey through our life’s path. Dressed in heart opening Medicinal Cacao, the ooey gooey dark chocolate fudge center is velvet on the tongue. Close your eyes, and notice the subtle notes of pleasure and nourishment dance through your body and allow for continual expansion in your heart space.

We begin our whimsical quest with Fairy Ring, as mushroom friends dance in velvet texture – Reishi, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, & Turkey Tail. Roll in the vivacious tingles of Blue Majik, blue algae spirulina, and the earthly delight of dark chocolate imbued with mint. Experience Mystic Maca and the symbiotic play of caramelly maca and smokey mesquite, reveling in pleasure and nourishment. Indulge in the Delphian Bee, combining the prophetic rhythm of sacred bee pollen & the ancient wisdom of toasted sesame seeds.

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