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{{{MOsley WOtta is a lonely vanguard, 3rd culture creative. His works span various mediums both commercial and critical. (The Guy on the left is long time friend and gifted Music Producer, CT WILLIAMS.  let him score your movie, for real though.)}}}

{{{{{{{{{{{{MOsley WOtta is an immigrant transplant from the Heartland off the  Morse Avenue Stop on the Redline . An Artist living in Oregon since 1992 to present. His work, which spans multiple mediums, speaks of a multi-generational conversation ongoing. Illustration, painting, writing, music + performance fill the breadth of MOsley WOtta’s creative efforts. Themes of  fear + intuition, defiance + equanimity thread his body of work . All works are created as mechanism of healing for both creator and recipient. All works created for reliably uncertain times. All works are priceless. All gotta eat. Thank you for you patronage}}}}}}}}}}}