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About Michelle Adams Photography

Michelle Adams is a nature, landscape and commercial photographer based in Bend Oregon. Passionate about bringing gorgeous landscapes into peoples’ homes and businesses so they can experience the grandeur of nature on a daily basis and act as a reminder for people to honor and protect the environment.

In addition to blending her love of the outdoors and photography, Michelle is an avid traveler and outdoors person. She thrives on finding adventures, trek to unknown areas, bikepack on multi-week adventures, or camp in the backcountry to capture her dramatic landscapes.

Michelle works with clients to customize wall art of her landscape and nature photography. This creates a long lasting piece of artwork for the space and interior design.

Commercial Work

Michelle works with local Bend businesses to develop a strong relationship with your clients through visual storytelling.  Blending her love of the outdoors and adventure,  she blends the visual aspect of the industrial process and the product in use in the outdoor environment.

To learn more contact Michelle at or visit