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5-Day Survival Trip for Adults

Nighthawk Naturalist School


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Teachers: Tyler and Chelsea

Ages 18+

Locations: Nearby public lands in Bend Mon-Tues, Wilderness within 1.5 hours of Bend Weds-Fri.

With enough knowledge and awareness of nature and the world around you, no matter where you are or what situation, you’re no longer surviving, you’re just “being.” Over the course of these 5 days, we’ll learn the “Survival Rule of 3’s” through hands on practice and skills in preparation for a mini survival trip.

Monday and Tuesday, 9-4 we’ll meet in Bend on nearby public lands and learn about acquiring shelter, friction fire, purified water, food, medicine, and the skills you’ll need to acquire them. All teaching will include hands-on practice Wednesday morning, we’ll caravan to our Survival Trip location for our practicum! You and your team will be challenged to a 2-day, 2-night trip to put your new skills to the test. You’ll be accompanied by your teacher/guide who will help you on your trip. Friday, we’ll emerge from the woods with new insight and perspectives on ourselves and the world around us. and debrief the experience together.

The survival trip will be minimalist: no tents, no sleeping bags or pads, no food or water brought except for emergencies. You’ll be able to bring a select set of tools only, including what you would normally bring with you on a typical day hike. The land will provide everything else we will need.

Be advised of the stipulations of this challenge. It is not glamping, car camping, nor is it instruction on what many would consider typical camping or backpacking. No prior experience or tools required. A list of what to bring each day, exact locations, waivers, and more will be emailed to you within the weeks before the trip. Make sure you add us to your email address book or check spam.

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